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Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013

We all get the chance for a new beginning! It’s a new year, with a fresh start and new resolutions on the lists! That can only mean we are all saints again!!!!! So, this Saturday, 5th of January, let’s march in Gaia and party as much as we can! I have the feeling that not a lot of us will still be pure after we finish! ;) So, let’s dance and drink for US and all the parties that they’re gonna come, AMIN!


Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

She’s our favourite sinner! She created so many scandals and controversies and you just can’t stop loving her! She outraged the Pope and Christian communities blamed her always for her open sexuality and her use of religious symbols in her work! But let’s just say it! Without her the music industry would be boring! Christmas is coming soon, and it looks like we have a second MADONNA to cherish!

A true icon that make you feel LIKE A VIRGIN every time she comes with something new! This Saturday let’s TAKE A BOW to the queen of pop! Do the VOGUE moves in conical bra or make him kneel LIKE A PRAYER in front of the MATERIAL GIRL!


Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

The alarms are getting off, bells are ringing loud, people running around, EVERYBODY PANICS!!! Nobody can stay calm! We all have the fever!!! The Christmas shopping fever; the Apocalypse comes on the 21st fever; the who I’m gonna kiss on the NYE fever! It’s madness! And it’s all gonna end in BLOOD this Thursday in Gaia! Believe me! We’re gonna see RED! Cause it’s MANDATORY! Wear RED from nail polish and lipstick to dresses, trousers and T-shirts! Now start panicking again! It’s what am i gonna wear this Thursday fever time!!!!!!

Behind the Masks of 2013

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

What if we told you that something spectacular is about to happen? What if we left the certainties of 2012 behind and engaged ourselves in a labyrinth of an unknown 2013?
On New Year’s Eve, we will welcome you in a luxurious setting, we will delight you with gourmets, look at you from behind an elegant mask and walk around in gorgeous gowns and perfect suits. Are you ready to play along? We’ll give you passion, we’ll feed you with suspense, we’ll have a mesmerizing show with just a splash of posh decadence and we’ll carry you in and out of those rituals we need for a flawless New Year!

Wear your best out but do wear your mask! Enter a new Gaia tradition with a key accessory!
Let us be foolish, let surprise lead the way, let us be caught unawares! After all, the best happens when least expected.
Let’s write some new history! A mysterious, sensual, playful, glamorous, fascinating history in Gaia’s unique way! Let’s make it big, 2013! Let the masks hide nothing and reveal it all ahead of us! 

Fees for tables-
450 Ron/person – Open Bar
600 Ron/per person- Open Bar + Gourmet buffet

Or, if you would like to stay at the bar and pay separate for your drinks you can just pay an entry fee of 100 Ron.

For reservations and any questions feel free to call +40723610933

The 6-th Sense

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

HEAR us out! Can you SMELL the party that’s comming? There are now 6 years since you TOUCHed our hearts and you inspired us with your impecable TASTE in fashion and desire to SEE over the society boundaries. We may be contoversial, called crazy, shocking or just different, but Gaia means family, art, freedom, fashion and above all, LOVE!

This Saturday let’s celebrate the mark we’ve put together in the history of parties; let’s celebrate the future! FOREVER! GAIA’ S WAY!!!!


Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Berlin is the definition of the word COOL. It’s no other city in the world that is more liberal and open minded! It’s a perfect mix of the past and the future, it made underground culture high class and gave fashion the freedom of speech! This Saturday we’ll bring Berlin closer to you! And even more we’ll bring you closer to Berlin! We’ll tear another wall down!


The ones who will dress in the coolest way will enter in the CONTEST to win 2 TICKETS to the capital of underground with the new Lufthansa direct flight!!!
Fasten your seatbelts! Wir fliegen nach Berlin!


Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

“Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony.”

Coco Chanel

Ladies and gentlemen! It would be a great pleasure to have your company this Thursday at our Black and White BALLl! A stunning social event to bring back the word etiquette in our day to day life. We’ll welcome you in an elegant and refined scenery, with personal butlers that will serve caviar to go perfectly with your favourite Belvedere Vodka. You are advised that a formal black and/or white attire is mandatory! A real gent looks most handsome in a tux and having a lady in a glamorous ball gown at his arm!

Bairam de 1 Decembrie

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Scoateti blugii taiati din sifonier, bagati magnetofoanele in priza si dati boxele la maxim caci Sambata asta o punem de-un bairam acasa la Gaia! Sigur va mai aduceti aminte de perioada in care zburau hormonii prin sufrageria unui prieten de-al unui prieten, cand baietii se inghionteau intre ei facandu-si curaj sa invite o fata la dans, cand le imitam dansurile celor de la 3 Sud est sau ne traiam dramele cantand N&D! Scoatem de la naftalina casetele cu celebre hituri romanesti ale anilor 90 si lasam amintirile sa ne rascoleasca sentimentele primei generatii de romani liberi!


Monday, November 26th, 2012

Immoral, inappropriate and full of controversies! Just the way we like it! The “heroin chic” movement was born in the early 90′s with a skinny Kate Moss in an atypical Calvin Klein campaign and a huge media scandal. And it always found a way to stay on top of fashion! Have a “Je m’en fiche’ attitude in a pair of skinny jeans, leather pants, boots or stilettos and style your hair like you just got out of bed! The secrets stays in the make up!For once, black circles are not be concealed! Go for pale skin and smokey eyes!


Saturday, November 24th, 2012

Life is amazing but difficult as hell! And we want it all!!! And above all, LOVE!!! Passionate, heart killing, going insane kind of love…This Saturday, 24 of November take it all out! Face all your fears and give all your blood, sweat & tears! Make that love you own! It worths everything you are!!! Are you ready to give all’s in you? We’ll give you all our blood, sweat and tears…and more! ;) …Gaia’s way…