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Signature of Alex Rusen

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

He’s got that hairdo you would recognize from a thousand ones, he keeps it clean and minimal (as doctors do), he’s got the fun, the mind and the charm and he has turned it all into major trademarks. Guys, time for us to meet a dearest, closest friend, a true-color Gaia icon, Alex Rusen!

Sure We Cannes


Plastic is Fantastic


Independence Saturday


(EMO)tional Style

Under Construction

I’m Coming, I’m Coming

G Point

Mad Hatter

Welcome to the Jungle

Age of Innocence

A Taste of Aristocracy

Washed Up


Summer Romance


Gaia High School

La Maison du Fetish

Knockin’ on Gaia’s Doors

Infamous Studio 54

Romanian Chic hosted by Loredana

Are you OPEN? We Are!

Desteapta-te, romane!

Being Tudor Breazu

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

He’s what we could easily call “an embodiment of the controversial“. He’s got the most outrageous outfits, the most intriguing eyes and the coolest…allure. He’s Tudor Breazu, ladies and gents, and we introduce to you his most iconic looks @ Gaia!

Funeral Chic by Ovidiu Buta

Plastic is Fantastic                                                                                                                Gaia Nation Army

DARE by Laura Lazar

Hard Core                                                                                                   Sure We Cannes

Un Labyrinthe de Sensations

Be Cointreauversial

A tout a l’heure

Coco                                                                                                               Free(ak) Yourself!

Maddest, Coolest, Fabulous Paul Dunca

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

We love him dearly because with him it’s never the same! If you want it cool, fun, mad, creative and ironic all at once, he’s our answer. One exquisite Gaia iconPaul Dunca!

Courtisanes et Marquis


A tout a l’heure

EMO(tional) Style & Independence Saturday

Knockin’ on Gaia’s Doors

Under Construction & Gaia Nation Army

Welcome to the Jungle


A Taste of Aristocracy

Soiree Mariniere & Aviator

Plastic is Fantastic & DARE by Laura Lazar



Blanchitude & Trash

G Point



Very Radu Mada!

Sunday, September 26th, 2010

He’s got the looks, he’s got the style and above all, he’s a shrewd observer of each and every dress code Gaia has ever asked from him. So ladies and gents, boys and girls, let’s “browse” through the records of the handsome and the iconic, the very…Radu Mada!

Electrifying Mad Hatter

Gaia Army Nation

Under Construction                                                                 Born to be Punk

Welcome to the Jungle

Soiree Mariniere                                                                                                                   Hard Core

Blanchitude                                                                                                  Loredana @ Gaia Mamaia

Plastic is Fantastic

A tout a l’heure                                                                                                                      High Class Farmers

…by Stephan Pelger

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

The first to open our list of iconic people and greatest parties is our dearest friend, Stephan Pelger. To you, Pelgie, with special thanks for some of the best outfits in Gaia’s records!

Gaia’s Western Saloon                    U Should Know the Godfather

Tom and Wild Cats

Miss Universe

Africa Safari                          Jamaican Jam                Psychedelic Night              Bitch Fest


Rehab Diva


Neon is Back                                          WASHED UP                                      Drag Queen

And our pick for the week, courtesy of a true designer…ON THE CATWALK

Iconic People

Monday, September 13th, 2010

They are the ones who never let us down, they kept Gaia’s spirit alive and always went our way. Through the maddest parties, carrying the craziest outfits, always in style, cooler than the last time and careful observers of our dress-codes. They made Gaia, we make them our iconic figures!