Behind the Masks of 2013

What if we told you that something spectacular is about to happen? What if we left the certainties of 2012 behind and engaged ourselves in a labyrinth of an unknown 2013?
On New Year’s Eve, we will welcome you in a luxurious setting, we will delight you with gourmets, look at you from behind an elegant mask and walk around in gorgeous gowns and perfect suits. Are you ready to play along? We’ll give you passion, we’ll feed you with suspense, we’ll have a mesmerizing show with just a splash of posh decadence and we’ll carry you in and out of those rituals we need for a flawless New Year!

Wear your best out but do wear your mask! Enter a new Gaia tradition with a key accessory!
Let us be foolish, let surprise lead the way, let us be caught unawares! After all, the best happens when least expected.
Let’s write some new history! A mysterious, sensual, playful, glamorous, fascinating history in Gaia’s unique way! Let’s make it big, 2013! Let the masks hide nothing and reveal it all ahead of us! 

Fees for tables-
450 Ron/person – Open Bar
600 Ron/per person- Open Bar + Gourmet buffet

Or, if you would like to stay at the bar and pay separate for your drinks you can just pay an entry fee of 100 Ron.

For reservations and any questions feel free to call +40723610933

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