Stay Chic…Heroin Chic!

When you think of smokey eyes, laidback attitude, messy hair, nostalgic eyes, ethereal silhouette,  stiletto shoes and sharp leather jacket, you must think of the one and only, unique and irrepeatable rebel British child that got us all into a trance from her very first commercial for the Calvin Klein fragrance. She’s Kate Moss and, we dare say, she’s one of the most powerful icons of our times.

When you go Heroin Chic tomorrow, keep her in mind. Think of her allure, think of how she walks, how she looks and of how she looks at people, as if always seeing through them and always musing at something beyond, think of her nonchalant ways, think of the way she’s so difficult to grasp and so easy to remember. Think of how she wears her t-shirt, how she pairs it down with skinny jeans and a pair of fierce stilettos, think of how she always seems to dress only for herself. Tomorrow night, it’s time to be rebel again! Do it your way, Kate’s way, be chic, be heroin chic!

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