Girls Who Love Boys

No room for femininity tomorrow night! We’ve decided to go…manly all the way! So prepare the shirts, the tuxes, the suits, the ties, the cufflinks, the shoes, add up some extra stuff, such as…a moustache and go figure out how it is like to literally live in his pants.

Girls will be boys and we’ll be happy to see things happening. Steal his white shirt and wear it at your best! Loosen up the buttons and let some lace in sight or button up and play safe! Put your jacket on and go pay tribute to Coco, Yves, Christian, Ralph, Tom, Stella, all of whom, at some point, in their faraway or recent history, have so madly fallen in love with a suit, a tuxedo and a white shirt. They made it all possible so stand proud and…be a man!

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