Anna Dello Russo ♥ You!

Whatever you do, wherever you go, whatever your personal views and tastes are, you cannot avoid her, you cannot not have heard about her, you simply cannot be without having her as a reference. For better or for worse. She’s Anna Dello Russo and she’s a phenomenon. A fashion phenomenon, fashion victim, icon, addict, outrageous, rebellious, ostentatious, show off, ubicuos. You name it, she’s got it!

She’s pretty much done it all and wore it all. People either love her or hate or simply just adore her Barocco ways. You love her for daring, for experimenting, for being always in the front row, always on top of the fashion extravaganzza. She’s reckless and relentless, she somehow manages to keep it natural, she’s the reason why Vogue Japan is doing so well, she’s madly in love with jewelery and antiques and H&M fell in love with her in the blink of an eye.

Follow her lead and be outrageous! Combine prints and textures and colors like you never did before! Abuse jewells and accessories, go for crazy hats or hair accessories, oversize it all, keep your heels at hand and don’t be afraid to show your legs! Anna loves them and loves to show them! Be Anna Dello Russo all the way! And who knows…maybe if you’re one of the five outrageous ones, you’ll be awarded with prizes from Anna Dello Russo for H&M accessories. Anna loves Gaia!

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