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The Street Stylish @ Paris Fashion Week

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

Probably even more captivating than the fashion show themselves, the street show during Fashion Week, especially during Paris Fashion Week, is something to indulge and find inspiration in every six months.

Fashionistas, icons, celebs, bloggers and whoever else might come along, form a vivid, amazing, beautiful, exciting crowd everybody is eager to immortalize and remember. We love the street style during this time of the year so here’s a first sum up we’ve come up with so far. So far during the frentically expected Paris Fashion Week. To Fashion!

INSTAGLAMed by Cornel Lazia

Saturday, September 29th, 2012

No need for a special outfit, lots of make up or an urgent visit to the hairdresser! Cause this Saturday in Gaia we’ll have a wizard of photography! And he’s gonna glamour you up in an instant! Be ready to be photographed like never before! When you hear that shuter released, bring out your best pose! Cause that pics are going straight to history books! ;)