Go Grey, Go All the Way!

First was black, then came white and afterwards…afterwards, there was grey. Above, beyond and everything in-between. Neutral, subtle, cool, classic, elegant, chic, distant, indefinable, versatile and never ending. So many words, one color: grey. Just like black, whatever designers do and wherever fashion goes, grey is always there to stay. From Marc Jacobs to Rick Owens, from Rochas to Chanel and from Lanvin to Alexander McQueen, grey is a statement color.

Tonight, wear it reckelessly, relentlessly, powerfully! Go total look, from your clothes to your accessories and even your make up. Pick a dress or a jumpsuit or a pair of jeans and a cool t-shirt or maybe an edgy, man suit and come join the grey area.  The greyest, the better. Don’t let color get into your way!

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