Wear Your Passion!

It’s probably one of the most fascinating cultures in the world. It has passion, it has poetry, it has beauty, it has power, it has dance, it has nostalgia, it has emotion, it has myths and stories and Flamenco and guitar sounds and a language that flows like a love song.

We have all fallen in love with the hispanic euphoria, its dreamy symbols and overwhelming sensuality at some point. We all fell for Matadores or Flamenco dancers. We have all pictured ourselves fighting bulls or carrying a red, ruffled dress, a fan and a red lipstick and just dance to the sound of a guitar.

Let’s be these symbols tomorrow night! Let’s make Oscar de la Renta envy our passion! Let’s fall for red, let’s wear long, ruffled dresses or go fully seductive in black lace ones. Whatever you do, find a red flower and put in your hair! Mind your red lipstick too, black eyebrows, fierce look!  And maybe a nice beauty mark on your cheek or near your upper lip. Tomorrow night…just go passionate!

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