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White Up the Night!

Thursday, August 16th, 2012

White is good, white is cool, white is chic, white is elegant, white is classic, white is pure, white is clean, white is innocent, white is precious, white is neutral, white is noble. ALL white is perfect. And summer whites are everywhere, from Louis Vuitton to Chanel, from Ferre to Stella and McQueen, from the untamed scenery of country houses to exotic islands or urban, street style stories. White tells a story in itself and you’d better learn it by heart.

Tomorrow night, fall for white, explore the white, dive into the whites in your wardrobe and come as you are! Wearing nothing but…innocence. Or elegance. Or preciousness. Or…you see? White allows you to be whoever you fancy. As long as you go total. Pick a dress or a skirt, wear them tight or super large, go for jumpsuits or super size boyfriend shirts…any style you want, any composition you may think of. Just wear white and you’ll be perfect! Accessorize as much as you can and play with your hair, with your eyes, with your lips. Tell us YOUR white story!