Night of the Psychedelia

There’s always a time for the hippies. A time for John Lennon and Yoko Ono, for peace and love, for long hair and long dresses, for running carelessly through life and enjoy every bit of every second.

They say the 70′s were the Narcissitic years. The years when we had freedom, we had love, we lived with no boundaries and went beyond limits. There was something about the 70′s that no other decade experienced.

So let’s praise the crazy psychedelia of those years! Let’s wear maxi dresses and headbands, flowers in our hair, John Lennon glasses and lots of bracelets. Let’s put feathers in our hair or in our ears, get on those wooden platforms, put on a fringed top or blouse, get colorful and mix textures and prints until we’re deep into the psychedelic mood. Let’s live, love, dance, laugh and be free!

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