Get Physical! Get Fit! Get Fabulous!

Latins used to put it the classic way: “mens sana in corpore sano”. For tomorrow night, we’ll stick to this but we’re going to put it our way, the chic, fashion way: let’s get physical! Let’s dress up for Gaia’s cool gym, carry the Olympics in our hearts, add some style and start dancing! After all, sport is a game. And we do know games!

Sporty style has always been a fashion’s sweetheart: from Alexander Wang to the more traditional Hermes, tennis, volleyball or fitness-themed collections have done the tour in the fashion world. And people kept saying yes, applauding and experimenting while fashion houses have taken it over at their best.

Ladies and gents, boys and girls, it’s sports night! So take out the sweatpants or the shorts, make the most of your t-shirts, wear heels or go for flats, as long as you keep it chic, fun and playful. Don’t be afraid to use accessories, you can even go for sweatbands or headbands! Whatever you do, make it look natural, creative and unique! As if you…accidentally ended up from your gym at the club, on a casual Thursday night, looking fantastic. But beware, Gaia is never casual. It’s sports night and we want to see you fit for anything!


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