A la plage, s’il vous plait!

What more is there to say about swimsuits? When you see them, your heart, eyes and imagination start beating to that only sound of summer. You run to the seaside, you dive into turquoise seas, you feel the sand under your feet and the breeze on your cheeks, you’re all about exotic places and faraway beauties. For all that – tricky as it may sound – you always need your bathing suit. And for all that, we are bringing the beach to you!

…cause there’s something obvious and something sensual about them, something out there and something understated, a game of eye-meets-mind, a game of patterns, geometries, colors and textures, a game of hide and seek. Colorful and powerful, bathing suits make the ultimate statement about you. You can choose to wear them the classic way or the stylish way, the cool or the rebellious way, you can be retro or couture, basic or tres chic, accessorize them at your best. Wear heels and put on some layers, put some make-up on and get that beach hair plus the whole lotta beach attitude that will rock our night! Allons a la plage!


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