Blending is an art. It takes time, vision and insight. But, most of all, it takes perspective and imagination. Having said all that, start blending! Colors, styles, textures, cuts, patterns, fabric and non-fabric, all that you have at hand and that you may turn into an incomparable fashion experience.

Wear them together and don’t be afraid to mix and match, overdress and oversize! Get shiny, get leotard, get neon, get floral, get striped, get geometric, get exotic and, if you feel inspired, get it all at once, top to bottom, in an ultimate outfit. Mix cultures and folklores, signature ethnic pieces with ultra-modern or underground items and always keep in mind the accessories! The cuffs, the necklaces, the earrings, the scarves. Wear them as you never did before, wear them crazy, wear them supreme, wear them as if you never worn anything before. Be! Wear! Blend!

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