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Let’s Do The DISCO!

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Let’s! Let’s think of this as the ultimate tribute to an ultimate Disco Queen, the amazing Donna Summer! Let’s put on our sequin jackets, our luscious dresses and shiny shoes and start dancing!

Let’s take out the colors and wear them outrageously inappropriate! Let’s put on the richest make-up and the biggest wigs and dance all sorrow away!

Let’s get into the tightest leggings and highest heels and get carried away by the most extravagant accessories!

Let’s WORK HARD FOR THE MONEY, put our HOT STUFF on, scream out loud: I LOVE TO LOVE YOU BABY and raise once again the big question: COULD IT BE MAGIC?

Let it be FUN, let it be FEVERISH, let it be SHINY, let it be DISCO!