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Thursday, May 17th, 2012

It’s sparkling, it’s colorful, it’s mix and match, it’s so bad and so good altogether, it’s fun to flirt with and it’s definitely dangerous to get down with. It’s the ghetto style that, sooner or later, comes to flash us in the face and make a mess of all the clean lines and cute outfits we’ve been into all our lives.

Just take a moment and remember Gaultier’s spring collections which, some way or another, has been imprint with ghetto references and the wildest hip hop scenarios. Remember the denim, the messy hair, the heavy make-up, the tones of jewellery, the Goldorama, the sneakers and the boots, the baggy pants and the whole lotta…nasty attitude. Get you act together and your moves ready to fill the house coz this night ain’t an ordinary night! This night will kick the ghetto out of you!