Dress To Confess!

Let’s put on the habit and start confessing! It’s time to be holy again and set our fashion ways accordingly. Putting all the judgmental stuff behind, let’s place the good, the bad, the vicious, the guilty, the beautiful, the tempting and the shallow all together in one glass and start drinking to a night where everything comes at peace.

And fashion agrees: just have a look at Yves Saint Laurent’s sacre couture and you’ll get the hint. The minimal ways, the edgy cuts, the black and white, the clean lines set the mood for what nuns and priests would translate into a story of fashion. So prepare for a night where you’re gonna be all about the habit, the cross, the black, the white but mostly the black. Be a nun or be a priest, don’t forget you crucifix and bear in mind: do it all, confess it all!

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