Who’s IN for some Pain?

From fantasyland and right next to you, the Dominatrix arises! This Thursday, girls, you’ll just have to walk slow, look them straight in the eyes and carry a whip. As for you, boys, well…you’ll just have to look down, wait your turn and enjoy the punishment.

Think Giles, think Givenchy, think Louis Vuitton, think Alexander McQueen, Thierry Mugler, Jean Paul Gaultier or even Hermes! They’ve been through the highest and lowest fashion scenarios and haven’t missed a thing. From nurses to soldiers and from chivalry stories to boudoir crossings and fierce Dominatrix – they did it all. She might carry a whip or a bodysuit, a tight corset or thigh-high boots, killer heels or a latex bra but she’ll send out the clearest statement: “you WILL obey me!”

Having said all that, take out the leather, the latex, the corsets, the bras, the lace and wear them at your best! Let the skin come out and play and don’t loose control of that whip! It’s the key accessory of the night. Go total or stay toned down but wild at heart! Have powerful eyes, strong lips, sleek or messy hair, get on your sharpest stilettos and play and play and play! It takes two to tango but it takes more than three to put up with the Dominatrix!

So get into the game, enjoy the pain and hope for the gain!

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