Soldiers, March On!

This is the night where all your army (fashion) fantasies come alive! Bear no limits and have no restraints!

As far as we can remember, there is not one single fashion moment that hasn’t met with the thrills of military attire. Sometimes, it’s like it’s been there forever. Balmain has built a whole story around it and iconic pieces that have made the world go round, Marc Jacobs has flirted with the army for the legendary Louis Vuitton, as well for his own brand, Lagerfeld has made it adaptable for Chanel, Burberry, Alexander Wang, Chloe, Phi, Yamamoto and Haider Ackermann played along and integrated the military touch into their overall fashion statement.

Tonight’s our turn to play along and bring out the soldiers in us. Military jackets are a must, cargo pants or camouflage t-shirts come with. If you can tear them a bit, they’ll look perfect! Wear caps, hats or any other accessory that says “army”. Feel free to dye your face and carry the war marks on your face. Go for heavy boots and wear epaulets with leather pants and maybe with a studded belt. Whatever you do, military green is required!

So march on, fight on! If fashion means war, we’re gonna need us some winners!

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