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Skulls On, All In!

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

When it comes to skulls, you don’t know exactly where you stand: are you frightened? Are you mesmerized? Are you tempted? Are you pushed over the edge? Skulls are all about mixed emotions and, at the end of it all, let’s just face it – you can either really like them or really hate them.

Fashion has made a statement out of them, an icon, a revolution and brands have built entire aesthetics and philosophies around them. Probably, the name you would mostly associate them with is that of the one and only, Alexander McQueen. At the very beginning of his career and of his romantic gothic cravings, McQueen made them his trademark. Reevaluated and reinterpreted season after season, in ways and forms you wouldn’t even dream on, skeletons have been all over his collections and cult pieces, from the famous scarves to clutches, shoes and t-shirts. Dame Vivienne would also come off strong and never turn down a skull or a piece of controversy while young Nicola Formichetti has built for Mugler a whole lot of drama abounding in skeleton stories.

So take all the skeletons out of your closet for tonight and be ready to put them out there! No questions, no secrets, no mysteries! Wear your skull as you please: on a t-shirt, on a scarf, on a dress or on a pair of leggings. Have an oversize ring or necklace, a pair of the wildest shoes or lots of cuffs and bracelets. We allow you to be excessive! After all, skeletons only happen once in a lifetime. As for fashion, that’s a story we’ll keep telling…:) Until then, enjoy some looks and this super cool shooting we’ve done especially for our Skeleton Love party!