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The Roaring Twenties, The Unforgettable Twenties

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Ah, the Twenties! The Roaring Twenties! The Jazz Age! The Flapper, the Charleston, the Bootlegging, the Prohibition, the age of Rockefeller and of all the great tycoons and, of course, of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most amazing Great Gatsby. So just picture all this and tell us you wouldn’t have loved to be a part of this most enticing decade in modern history!

The Twenties were controversial and ungraspable, they were resourceful and creative, they had it all: they had courage, they had madness, they had power, they had guilt, they had turmoil, they had vision, they had the music, the men, the women, the beauty, the ideals, the myths and the stories we’d all dreamed back at all our modern and contemporary lives. Which girl wouldn’t have wanted to be a Flapper and thus, pioneer, all the feminist and androgynous movements that came along? Who wouldn’t have wanted to seize those Charleston moves on the arm of an impeccable pinstripe suit man or of a Flapper girl? Who wouldn’t have wanted to share Great Gatsby’s mix of emotion, idealism and determination? Who wouldn’t have wanted to be a dreamer and stay one forever? Well, my darlings, it’s all in the Twenties!

…and the time is now. Let’s get mythical, dress up and get on that time machine that will bring us back to the flappers and the gangsters! Ladies, be feminine! Use fringe dresses or low waist dresses, don’t get too high on your heels, play with your jewelry and mind that retro hair and headbands! Choose to be a flapper and wear pants, cut your hair short (or use a wig) and don’t forget your cigarettes! Flappers were famous for their defying allure and habits. Gentlemen, suit is a must! Get a pinstripe one and matching, bicolor Al Capone style shoes, wear a waistcoat and a watch fob and team it all up with a nice fedora! Cigar is a must!

So let’s open ourselves up to a night full of promises! Just like the Roaring Twenties embraced the world decades ago. Nothing to loose, nothing to gain! We’re just living a little ;)