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Let’s Get Scandalous!

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Tonight we’re letting go of everything. We’re letting go of inhibitions, limits, retrains, taboos and fears and we’re stepping into a labyrinth of raw instincts where we can shout out our pleasures right in the open and live temptations to the fullest. You can see it all, live it all, feel it all.

Just be ready to fuck and we’ll say you’re ready to enter Gaia Privee. Get as sensual, provocative, nasty, alluring, fetishist, extreme, libertine and…creative as possible. Be the most sexual version of you and have fun with who’s around! Wear lace, satin or leather, show as much skin as possible, get on heels or come undone, get the bedroom hair and wrap yourself  in a whole lot of erotica. Look as if it’s the end of the world tomorrow and you have just this one last night left to get aroused! So let’s get scandalous!