Dare the Luxe!

TOM FORD is definitely our man! He set the tone for the fashion of the 90′s, he was the Gucci man and the man Yves Saint Laurent hated the most but that did nothing but to add up to his success aura. He did the most outrageous naked campaigns and imposed the power of sex on fashion and vice versa. He did the first nude campaign for a YSL perfume campaign and got a model’s pubic hair razed in the form of a G for a Gucci campaign. And lots and lots of other exploits that are just his trademarks and did nothing but move fashion forward, open minds and fields, increase sales and turn him into a fashion visionary and a marketing genius.

When he got tired, he stepped back, went home, pulled the drapes and went to sleep. The next day he started designing eyewear under his own label, TOM FORD, then he imagined fragrances and then, one day, he realized he had really nothing to wear. And so he launched TOM FORD Menswear. Afterwards, he made a movie. And he put his whole life into it and on the screen. And then came the women…he couldn’t really totally give up on them. History wouldn’t have allowed it so.

His campaigns are as shocking as they used to. But he is much more discrete and exclusive. He designs for men and women who appreciate being dressed. He indulges into luxury and is not afraid to put it right into your face. He is extravagant and rich and if you don’t fit into his clothes it’s probably because…you know, you just don’t fit into his clothes. And it ain’t about money!

So let’s love this man! Let’s praise him, let’s go along, let’s act a bit arrogant, a bit distant, a bit snobbish, let’s come in all luxurious elegance and step into a world of excess and good life! Let’s take out THAT amazing dress we almost never get to wear for fear of “too much”, let’s not fear looking expensive, let’s wear our statement necklace and our impressive rings. Let’s wear lace or fur or velvet, let’s flirt with our cleavage or our legs, let’s pay attention to details and have a perfect hair and perfect lips! Let’s taste the caviar and the world’s most exclusive vodka and be that woman or that man TOM FORD would like his clothes to be worn by. Let’s be luxurious! Let’s just be perfect!

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