Goth is the New Black!

There’s Goth everywhere, if you come to think about it for a bit. There’s Goth in the black we love, in the books we read, in the moods we sometimes relish in, in the movies we watch, in the fabrics we wear, in the designers we believe in and in the fashion we follow closely. So would it be wrong to say…Goth is a state of mind?

As far as fashion is concerned, it is definitely so for an array of designers of the hour, such as Ann Demeulemeester, Gareth Pugh, Rick Owens, Limi Feu, Yohji Yamamoto or Alexander McQueen whose Goth was deeply Romantic and infused with several other influences. Goth put both classicism and extravagance at rest for a while and lurked us into the more intense and more dramatic corners of fashion.

Goth is all about black, textures and deconstruction. Go for leather and lace, ripped fabrics and black black black! Black dress, black eyes, black lips! Choose skulls for statement accessories and get a messy hair! Get some nasty gloves, play with layers of black fabrics or be as powerful as a sleek black dress! Tonight Goth is all, Black is total so Dare the Drama!


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