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Trouble is Her Middle Name – Dame Vivienne for Juergen Teller

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Teoretic, Juergen Teller + Vivienne Westwood = Danger. Practic…= Danger X 1000. Ok, destul cu semnele. Cert este ca unul dintre cei mai controversati, mai halucinanti si mai…rudimentari fotografi ai tuturor timpurilor si favorit al unor designeri precum Marc Jacobs, Yves Saint Laurent, Helmut Lang si Vivienne Westwood, Juergen Teller a gazduit la mijloc de Fashion Week newyorkez, la Lehmann Maupin Gallery din New York, o expozitie ce ii poarta numele, semnatura, cat si o supradoza clasica de nuditate. Imbibata de fotografii ale style icon-ului androgin, Kristen McMenamy, cat mai ales de ipostaze complet dezvelite ale septuagenarei Westwood – care ne vor rascoli de-a pururi existenta plapanda – expozitia pune in lumina, in egala masura, si fotografii ale prietenilor, familiei si apropiatilor lui Teller.

Portretul pe alocuri scandalos, pe alocuri grotesc al lui Westwood face parte din seria denumita “Men and Women” si a fost gandita ca o trezire (mult prea brutala, am zice) la o realitate a modei in care imortalitatea si viziunile idealizate asupra esteticii ar trebui domolite. Tot asa, imaginile westwoodiene au fost construite in perechi de contraste cu sexul opus, incluzand fotografii ale fiului lui Teller, Ed, dar si ale fotografului William Eggleston. So…enjoy! And, you know, if you plan a trip to New York, don’t miss a piece of controversy!

Le Bal des Vampires

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

It’s fascinating how a creature that was so feared shape shifted into objects of lust and love and sexuality and power! We are so seduced by this dark, children of the night! They’re enigmatic and beautiful, and magical! Blood is the new black, so this Thursday, embrace the night , enter our mysterious castle and take a bite of what a vampire eternity is all about. Wear corsets, fabulous wigs, vampire capes, crinolines, black dresses, dark accessories, and don’t forget to bring a mask! Let’s have a bloody good time!

Chanel Has a Boy

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Si uite asa Lagerfeld a mai facut un mini-film, iar Chanel a mai lansat un nou model de geanta, mult controversatul, minimalistul si deja ultra-ravnitul Chanel Boy Handbag. Filmul este un…silent movie, ceea ce ne-ar face sa credem ca Regele Karl este mai subordonat tendintelor generale de piata decat am putea/ vrea sa credem. Ca doar a fost anul “Artistului”, iar noaptea Oscarurilor tot a sa.

Dar sa revenim. Proiectat in atmosfera incetosata a anilor ’20, My New Friend Boy o are ca protagonista – pe parcursul unui minut – pe rebela Alice Dellal, intr-un amestec de elemente dark si eleganta dramatica, ce se succed aproape pe nesimtite printre notele unui pian care canta, parca, in deriva. Un puternic sentiment retro care ne duce invariabil inapoi in timp la era domnisoarei Coco si a calitatii atemporale a numelui sau. Poate doar frizura extrema a lui Alice Dellal sa ne smulga brutal inapoi spre imbietoarea modernitate a realitatii noastre. O creatie androgina in sine, cu linii curate, structurate, Chanel Boy Handbag are, pare-se, deja, toate datele unui fulgerator best-seller. Atat pe ecrane, cat si pe rafturi (cele din Rue Cambon & co.). Enjoy the silence!

Long Live the Goth!

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Goth is good, Goth is bad, Goth is dark, Goth is cool, Goth is chic but, above all, Goth is fashion. Goth you were, from top to toe, with your black dresses on, custom-made tattoos and gloomy make-up, with the accessories to style it up and that fierce know-it-all-fear-nothing look in you eyes. So let’s roll and rewind some Goth chic outfits!


Sunday, February 26th, 2012

Motor City Drum Ensemble. Complicat, ai zice. Mai ales cand, de fapt, in spatele acestui proiect muzical se afla un singur om, pe numele sau real, Danilo Plessow. Cu trei albume la activ si numeroase single-uri si EP-uri pe piata, dintre care cele mai “celebrate” raman “Escape To Nowhere” si “Lonely One”, M.C.D.E are toate portile deschise. Ca sa respectam, insa, traditia unui Dragobete recent incheiat, noi am ales sa ne delectam astazi cu…L.O.V.E. Enjoy!


Friday, February 24th, 2012


Yes, yes, we know! The snow is melting and the town it’s getting dirtier by day! Fuck it! Let’s get dirty tooooooo!!!
It’s The last Saturday of the month, so it’s time to go MAD!!! The temperatures are raising, so go on and rip out your clothes and just dance and jump and laugh and scream and dance some more! Is the night to take everything to the extreme!!! LET US TRASH YOU UP!!!!!

Let’s Get Scandalous!

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Tonight we’re letting go of everything. We’re letting go of inhibitions, limits, retrains, taboos and fears and we’re stepping into a labyrinth of raw instincts where we can shout out our pleasures right in the open and live temptations to the fullest. You can see it all, live it all, feel it all.

Just be ready to fuck and we’ll say you’re ready to enter Gaia Privee. Get as sensual, provocative, nasty, alluring, fetishist, extreme, libertine and…creative as possible. Be the most sexual version of you and have fun with who’s around! Wear lace, satin or leather, show as much skin as possible, get on heels or come undone, get the bedroom hair and wrap yourself  in a whole lot of erotica. Look as if it’s the end of the world tomorrow and you have just this one last night left to get aroused! So let’s get scandalous!

Trash is Two!

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

And so went our two-year Trash celebration! We’ve got the big cake, the fireworks, the super music and the trashiest crowd you’d ever imagined! We went from fun to crazy and back to fun again, we’ve danced and screamed and sang and danced some more and it felt soooooooooooo good! Let’s recap and relive!

Party Like It’s Studio 54!

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

Wouldn’t you have loved to live in those crazy Studio 54 years? When all was excessive, all was crazy, all was show off, all was allowed and all was happening with full speed ahead. We would have loved to party along with Andy Warhol and Bianca Jagger and Michael Jackson and so we did our best to re-live an era that we’ve only heard about. We got the coolest wigs, went for the shiny textures and rich make-up and partied like it was 1983!

Strike This Pose!

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

This pose might just be one you’ll never experience any time soon. It’s like that perfect shooting, with that perfect team, perfect photographer, in a perfect place, with the perfect clothes for a perfect…celebrity. Ok, one night celebrity. But perfect you were and these poses…man, they look good! With special thanks to our amazing photographer, Marius Baragan and his arty camera lenses, let’s proceed to the most gorgeous poses of the night!