Time to Disco!

Let’s go back to the sparkling, decadent and fascinating Studio 54! Let’s go back to Andy Warhol and Bianca Jagger and Grace Jones and Jerry Hall and Liza Minelli and Diana Vreeland and Salvador Dali! Let’s live those times that marked the history, the fashion, the lifestyle, the music and cinema and culture from the late 70′s until the early 90′s!

Let’s relive the effervescent Disco era and dance the night away to the most exhilarating tunes of the 80′s! Let’s make a night that would make the Studio’s party crowd proud! Put on the shiny shoes, the sequin blazer, the golden dress or the neon leggings! Add some animal print, go for wide leg jumpsuits, glossy textures or just a white, feminine, ample 70′s dress. Show it up, cover it up, do it as you please! After all, this is the Scandalous Studio 54!

Have opulent make-up and provocative nails, wear oversize bijoux and get THE hair! Somehow, the 70′s and the 80′s were all about the hair! Big, messy, powerful! Just like their crazy decades. So let’s disco and say no more!

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