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Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Jingle those bells cause is not going to be a silent night!
Grab someone you love and hold him tight!
It’s been a hard year and sometimes you felt blue?
Keep always in mind that the magic is in you!

The tree is up, your friends are near
Listen to the music and let’s have fun my dear!
It’s Christmas night, when dreams comes true
Everything is possible cause the magic is in you!

Let The Knitting Begin!

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

We put out our best energies to turn Gaia into a cosy house of knitwear. We’ve built it up and wrapped it around in all the knitting tools you could ever see in an all time fashion chateau. You can take a close look at all the making of process right here below.

Until then, just keep in mind that tonight we’ve got some important winter trend to celebrate: we’re gonna wear it heavy, we’re gonna do it oversize, we’re gonna strut in knitwear and we’re gonna style it up with precious jewels, smooth heels and a hair to remember. You know knitwear is a basic component of fashion trends, season after season. However, there are times when it can simply not avoid being the star and stealing the thunder. This winter, knitwear has come strong on the world’s catwalk. Designers have embraced it and reinterpreted in manners one couldn’t even dream of, in all forms, colors, layers and wearing formulas.

Go for chunky pieces, may it be a sweater, shawl, a cap or a dress! Create contrast with accessories and colors and leave your hair run free. Keep your make-up nature-wise and act as natural as if in the middle of the woods. Knitwear is no game for calculated poses. Let the pieces fall or choose the more constructed ones. Wrap them around, wear layers, mix textures and add some sparkling jewelry! Play, invent, flirt, be unexpected! It’s time to knit yourself up and away!


Making Of …La Fabrique de Tricotage