Zdravstvujtye, Fab Russia!

Everything that has the word “opulence”, “abundance”, “excess” or “luxury” in it, it definitely has to do with Russia! It was and forever will be the pole of richness and controversy, of power and inspirational culture, views and folklore. It’s poetry and literature like no other, it’s Anna Karenina and Katyusha, Lenin and Matrioshka, Sankt Petersburg and Moscow, it’s the heavy architecture, the emotional lyrics, the appetite for fashion and the strength to enable the world’s fashion titans, from Coco Chanel to Karl Lagerfeld and from John Galliano to Oscar de la Renta.

Coco’s adventure with Russia goes way back in history and has main references throughout all her work. Let’s just remember the special homage Lagerfeld paid to it in the oh-so-proud and oh-so-gorgeous collection entitled Chanel Paris-Moscou. Here below you can see the photos and video of a catwalk show like no other, filled with a unique sense of Russian.

What about Galliano and the breathtaking collection he did for the Fall of 2009? There was Russian folklore written all over it, from the coats and dresses to the statement-jewelry and almost surreal shoes, from the furs and heavy fabrics to the sheer dresses of almost fluid silhouettes, that was the collection that Russian people will unconditionally and forever love maestro Galliano for.

Tomorrow night, we owe to Russia and we owe it to fashion! Go out in the open and give opulence a chance. Come wrapped in furs or top a c-through silk dress with a impressive piece of fur, wear traditional Russian motives on your garments, have a powerful hat or some fancy gloves, go for a lot of red and don’t be afraid to mix colors and textures! Base all the above on the strongest jewels you have – silver, gold, stones, precious, flashy, bring the along! Moscow has no policy of moderation!

Chanel Paris Moscou

John Galliano

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