Room Service is Back in Fashion

Have we mentioned that this winter season is all about fetishes? Girls like boys, nurses, SM, police girls, nasty nannies and, of course, the all time leader, the Maid. If she comes with a touch of French, she wins the game. Starting from the master of the most empowering fashion trends, Louis Vuitton, continuing with Giles, Antonio Marras, Givenchy, Marc Jacobs and Carven, the catwalk impersonates a prototype that plays a lot of tricks to the imagination. So hello Room Service! Watch your steps, mind your costume and don’t go nowhere beneath sexy chic!

And since the maids are going to be the central figure tomorrow night, we would suggest a mix of glamourama and retro twists, a game of black and white, of lace and satin, a mini skirt or a maxi dress, a cute collar, an apron on top of it all and some key-accessories that will make everything all the more unexpected. Tomorrow night, go loose and save the safe! Behind of it all there has always been a maid changing the course of history, a butler knowing it all and a master not even dreaming of this! Room Service? Bring on the best you have!


 Louis Vuitton



Louis Vuitton

Marc Jacobs



Emilio Pucci


Antonio Marras

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