It’s time to say good bye to the summer location! We thought of ending BIG this season of great parties, so we have two surprises for you!

First an amazing live concert with the beautiful Nadeah from Nouvelle Vague-around midnight- And the second one..you just have to be there to find out! ;) Don’t miss out!
Remember when we went BACK TO SCHOOL with a SMOKING ATTITUDE and studied L’HISTOIRE DE SEDUCTION and then we entered in the SECRET LABORATORY to do some BLACK MAGIC with FLOURESENCE?
As we said farewell to ROCKABILLY Amy, all the VEGGIE VAMPIRES and VIRGIN FAIRIES attended in the AVANTGARDEN the JAPANESE FUNERAL.
Then, in the time of the STRIPE COUTURE FESTIVAL, the PUNKs started to scream LIBERTE EGALITE FRATERNITE, but after SANGSUELLE they agreed that PEACE+LOVE=FASHION!
So, with a bit of SADO MASO everything is possible IN THE NAME OF GAIA!!!

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