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Ritual Union

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Nu e usor sa traiesti cu piesa asta dupa ce o asculti pentru prima data. E din genul acelora pe care le asculti aproape maniacal o luna de zile si de care nici macar astfel nu reusesti sa te plictisesti. Vina este a bandului suedez atat de poetic denumit “Little Dragon”, iar piesa “Ritual Union” face parte de pe albumul cu acelasi nume lansat anul acesta. Ritual unions…got me…in trouble again…

WE SUCK -part 1-

Saturday, October 29th, 2011
Halloween is coming soon so grab your costume and your broom!
Zombies are rising from the grave so it’s definitely the time to be brave!
We’ll suck your blood,the news is spread! And most of you will lose your head!
It’s gonna be a night of thrills, the scary creatures will give you chills!
So, come on in, just if you dare, cause the feeling is: SCARE!!!