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No Pain, No Gain

Thursday, October 27th, 2011
Tonight…let’s play a little game! One that famous designers and heavy catwalks in statement fashion cities have played a lot this season: it’s called Fetish. And it goes from Louis Vuitton, Giles, Dolce&Gabbana, Mugler and Christian Dior to Comme des Garcons, Hakaan, Mark Fast and Emilio de la Morena, to name a few.
A slight touch of S&M has always been governing the mood of fashion, be it in naughty editorials or – as we’ve just seen early this week -  in vicious, controversial campaigns. It’s that side that will arouse imagination, instinct and creativity. You see it each season, it’s there to tempt you and will never leave the party cause we simply can’t live without the fetishist impulses that underlie our nature.
So for what it’s worth, bring on the heavy stuff! The latex, the lace, the leather, the masks, the hidden fantasies, the drama, the madness, the mistery and let the Fetish run free!  Tonight, Gaia is all about getting the best of SM into fashion and the best of fashion into SM!