PUNK does it Better!

If it hadn’t been for her, fashion wouldn’t have gained its outrageous, absolute sense of freedom. If it hadn’t been for her, fashion would have been all about clean lines, lady-like silhouettes and subtle, unspoken fantasies. If it hadn’t been for her, we wouldn’t have experienced today the liberating ways of what punk fashion and punk in fashion really stand for. We already know a lot about Vivienne Westwood – we know her story and her history, her joy and her misery, her good views and bad manners, her immense creativity and unweary struggle for what she really believes in. And besides punk, she really believes in humanity and good causes and the chances this world has to be given, despite everything. But that’s another side of this so complete Queen of Punk for whom it all started with a shabby business and a cult for the Sex Pistols.

Vivienne Westwood is the essence of British rebellion and she never stops proving so. She gave modern fashion that Punk touch that will always be in style. After all, we’re still talking about the woman who showed up in front of Queen Elizabeth wearing a c-through dress and no underwear. Her appetite of going against the all pre-established rules is  already a signature and translates best into her clothes.

Shabby looks, crazy, unruly statements, torn pieces, an apparently chaotic mix of colors, textures and prints – here’s what makes Punk forever cool! Keep your black colors close but mind the plaid and any other combinations that look good on you and inimaginably misplaced. Wear your studs the usual way or unexpectedly reinterpreted! Go wild on pins or any other metal details and accessories – the heavier, the better, the more, the merrier! Don’t bother to comb your hair! Got that look like you just got out of bed? It’s perfect! Bring out your eyes and lips and top it all with that Punk-is-the-key attitude! …and don’t forget that Gaia and The Place Concept Store will award two dresses created by Vivienne Westwood to the best punk outfits of the night! Let’s PUNK!

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