Back to Black

The question is not if you believe in magic but rather if you’re in for some black magic! You don’t need to believe in charms and signs and witches and crows hovering over your head on a cloudy sky.  But let’s just face it: we all enjoy a touch of mistery! We’d all like to have it all explained by the game of the Fairies or the Fury of the Gods or the revenge of some playful redhead black-nailed witches. So let’s play our own game and do our own magic!

Take a look at how fashion gets its dark inspiration from magic, pairs it with some voodoo ways and tops it all with just a hint of Gothika!  Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh, Ann Demeulemeester, Yohji Yamamoto, Comme des Garcons, they’ve all been there, done that and made it really cool to wear and play with. Cause there’s nothing more resourceful than the land of endless misticism!

Tomorrow night, let the magic work its own ways! You just get your black act together, put your black pieces on, tear them apart, add a twist, wear some charms around your neck and some feathers in your hair! Stick to long, endless dresses, mind a touch of leather, build some layers, get some slouchy knitwear above a silky, sheer dress - just make it all black! Don’t forget the heavy eyeliner and the purple lips! Have a secret amulet and keep it close to you! You never know where the night might take you…

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