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PUNK’s Not Dead!

Monday, October 31st, 2011

We do believe in PUNK! And that night when we punked till we couldn’t punk no more sure proved it so. The crowd was amazing, the dress code was all over and you people definitely know what Sex Pistols and Vivienne Westwood and PUNK are all about: freedom, fashion, rebellion, madness, passion. You had the spikes, you had the leather, you had the plaid, the boots, the nasty hair and the smokey eyes. You guys PUNKed!


Ritual Union

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Nu e usor sa traiesti cu piesa asta dupa ce o asculti pentru prima data. E din genul acelora pe care le asculti aproape maniacal o luna de zile si de care nici macar astfel nu reusesti sa te plictisesti. Vina este a bandului suedez atat de poetic denumit “Little Dragon”, iar piesa “Ritual Union” face parte de pe albumul cu acelasi nume lansat anul acesta. Ritual unions…got me…in trouble again…

WE SUCK -part 1-

Saturday, October 29th, 2011
Halloween is coming soon so grab your costume and your broom!
Zombies are rising from the grave so it’s definitely the time to be brave!
We’ll suck your blood,the news is spread! And most of you will lose your head!
It’s gonna be a night of thrills, the scary creatures will give you chills!
So, come on in, just if you dare, cause the feeling is: SCARE!!!

No Pain, No Gain

Thursday, October 27th, 2011
Tonight…let’s play a little game! One that famous designers and heavy catwalks in statement fashion cities have played a lot this season: it’s called Fetish. And it goes from Louis Vuitton, Giles, Dolce&Gabbana, Mugler and Christian Dior to Comme des Garcons, Hakaan, Mark Fast and Emilio de la Morena, to name a few.
A slight touch of S&M has always been governing the mood of fashion, be it in naughty editorials or – as we’ve just seen early this week -  in vicious, controversial campaigns. It’s that side that will arouse imagination, instinct and creativity. You see it each season, it’s there to tempt you and will never leave the party cause we simply can’t live without the fetishist impulses that underlie our nature.
So for what it’s worth, bring on the heavy stuff! The latex, the lace, the leather, the masks, the hidden fantasies, the drama, the madness, the mistery and let the Fetish run free!  Tonight, Gaia is all about getting the best of SM into fashion and the best of fashion into SM!

Once A King, Always The King!

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

This was the ultimate tribute to Michael Jackson! A special soundalike & lookalike special guest from London made us all go back and “Remember the Time” when it didn’t matter if it was “Black or White”, unless there was “Dirty Diana” around to help us “Keep It in the Closet” and say once more “Billie Jean is not my son”. An actual tribute to an eternal superstar and a great modern icon!  So thank you all for dressing up, feeling, dancing, singing, applauding and praising the memory of the King of Pop Music!

Most Naked Fashion Campaigns

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Fashion is all all about fetishes!  And this week so are we! In moda de pe podium, intr-un sezon mai mult decat in altul, in editoriale ultra-scandaloase de moda, dar – inainte de orice – in campaniile care sustin pledoaria unui brand intr-un anume sezon. Si pentru ca nimic nu intrece in intensitate fetisul nuditatii, astazi am coborat putin pe firul timpului si ne-am amintit de cele mai “carnale” campanii care au existat vreodata in lumea modei.  Fie ca vorbim de ipostazele incendiare marca Tom Ford, de goliciunea transparenta a lui Kate Moss pentru Calvin Klein sau de ostentatiile lui Marc Jacobs, campaniile modei au atins cateva puncte nevralgice. In ordinea impactului…

Nu degeaba se spune despre Tom Ford ca l-a readus pe Gucci la viata printr-o revolutie hiper-sexuala. Aici, de pilda, cand i-a “sculptat” parul pubian modelului Carmen Kaas in forma celebrului logo italian – G as in Gucci

Dupa ce i-a dat lui Gucci tot ce putea vinde mai bine, Tom Ford a aplicat aceeasi reteta si in cazul propriului sau brand: sex. De aici, abundenta de busturi, posterioare si…altele, in unele dintre cele mai scandaloase campanii din istoria modei.

Din vremea consacrarii micutei Moss si a minimalismului lui Calvin Klein, iata imaginea care a marcat istoria “austera” a anilor ’90.  Campania starring Kate Moss, dar si clipul de campanie, starring Kate Moss si Mark Wahlberg. All for Calvin!

Pentru toate motivele si toate evidentele din lume, Marc Jacobs TREBUIA sa-si boteze primul parfum masculin Bang Bang. Si ca sa se asigure ca treaba merge struna, a personificat el insusi tot ce credea ca trebuie personificat.

…and last but not least, Paz de la Huerta si si cel mai provocator agent: Agent Provocateur.


Sunday, October 23rd, 2011
F from Fashion stands for F in Fetish this fall-winter season!
Marc Jacobs has built the Louis Vuitton collection on fetish and dominatrix themes. McQueen comes with amazing cage-like corsets and Mugler played with latex!
It’s a bit of craziness, desire, fetish, mystery, sex, possession, darkness and fashion all wrapped up in one!
This Thursday look fearless, provocative and chic! Wear latex, lace, leather, bondage accessories! Why not a loose dress bandaged up very tightly?!
This winter sounds like a delicious torture!

It’s a Kind of Magic

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

If you don’t believe in magic, you now have all the reasons to change your mind. Judging from the range of looks, the amount of charms and amoulets, the feathers, the furs and the twisty blacks and all that passion you put into it, seems like you’re all into a bit of Voodoo and the subtle ways of old-fashioned magic. We loved your input, so here’s to the best styles of the night!

How Deep Is Your Love?

Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Atunci cand dance-ul s-a intalnit cu punk-ul, s-a nascut The Rapture. Un band newyorkez format din trei membri, pentru care influentele muzicale din diferite genuri constituie o piatra de temelie in ceea ce fac, The Rapture performeaza cu succes din 1998 pana astazi, cu patru albume ce le marcheaza istoria, cel mai recent fiind “In The Grace of Your Love”, lansat in anul 2011. De pe acesta ascultam si noi, tot pentru 2011, tot cu Love (caci daca nu Love, atunci ce?) piesa “How Deep in Your Love?”. We ask the question, you got the answer ;)


Saturday, October 22nd, 2011

Sometimes our days are a complete mess and this can be a real pain in the ass! Other times our brain is just all over the place! But in the end of the day we all love to mess around!!!
This Saturday we’re gonna study that CHAOS theory by transforming Gaia in a huge mess!
We’re gonna be out of order, unpredictable, very messy,and we are going to blow you up!!!!