Get Hippied Away!

The hippies were all about freedom, peace, love, naked bodies, raising the glass, drinking and dancing under the moon, the stars or the blue sky. They were careless and laidback and got their glory in the seventies. Needless to say that ever since people and fashion have never ceased to praise them, remember them, cherish them, upgrade them, wear them, love them. Over the past few seasons, hippie styles were always in and never tired. From the nonchalant touches at Chloe to the extravagant looks of Italian designers, we seem to always go back to the Hippies (another way of stating the 70′s).

Press rewind and remember Marianne Faithful! Her love affair with Mick Jagger that shook the late 60′s but most of all that incredible style she had – maybe the first stylish hippie girl fashion has ever seen. She wore tights as outerwear, babydoll dresses, knee socks, wide brimmed hats, dark eye make-up, blunt bags, shaggy furs, black skinny pants, over-the-knee boots and tight leather. Her aura was so luxe but so nonchalant!

But don’t worry! She has her modern equivalent and she’s no other than Kate Moss, with her dreamy eyes and swingy walk and oversize furs and flowing hair and that hippie-goes-couture-goes-wild style to never be forgotten. Then we have the daughter of a true-blood hippie – Jane Birkin – Lou Doillon and her boyish spark.

And to celebrate all the Hippie throughout fashion and seasons, Gaia’s done the ultimate thing: an ultimate Hippie shooting praising the best of the 70′s with the coolest of the nowadays. We’ve got the girls, the team, the ideas and we gave Hippie a precious turn – you see it in the details, you get it from the outfits and you feel in the air!

So from wherever you stand, embrace the Hippies! Cause they’ve never been more chic than this season. Take out the faux fur and pair it down with silky blouses and precious dresses! Bring on the feathers, wear them with gold glam bijoux and statement stones! Wear them on your fingers, around your neck, in your ears or in your hair! Be hippie but style it up! This is no time for shabby looks cause this time hippie goes luxe!

The Gaia shooting

…mind the accessories, go for headbands,cool glasses, happy earrings and a whole lot of bracelets! Here’s what fabulous presents we have in store for you!

…and get inspired by some iconic Hippies!

Marianne Faithful

Kate Moss

Lou Doillon 

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