Let’s get Back to School, Boys and Girls!

Summer’s gone, the time has come…to ring the bell and get all serious about your geeky preppy schoolish foolish teachery look tonight! Browse through what we’ve got, see designers and catwalks, celebs and icons and you’ll only get to this conclusion: you definitely need to top it all with a pair of nerdy glasses, be they Terry, Kanye or Woody inspired.

Pick plaids, checks and white shirts but mind the skirt – go for the pleated ones and don’t mind the knee-high standard! Feel free to have it your way! If you want to be looked up at by scary looking students, get the teacher style and go for tight conic cuts and a ruler in your hand. Mind the glasses and the fierce eyes! Wear read on your lips and be ready to experiment – nobody will stop you from wearing plaids with sequins or oversize knitwear over your preppy skirt! As long as you’re happy to get back to school!

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