Enter the JUNGLE!

If we’re talking iconic wear, it has to be animal print! Zebra, leopard or deer, from master Dior’s era going through Cavalli’s excessive ways just in time to reach Balmain’s rock’n’barroco rich interpretations of this exotic style, animal print has always been a fashion’s sweetheart.

It’s the boost we need in winter, it’s the print we love during summer, it’s always there to stay and with an intense potential of reinvention. It’s black and white, beige and brown or in crazy neon Warhol-like tones. These latest seasons, you could see it all over, from the magazine’s covers down to the store around the corner and from the styles of your BFF to Dries Van Noten’s unexpected runway attire.

Do you know how Kate Moss became a style icon? Wearing that animal print fur coat just when everybody else thought leopard was so passé and when minimal fashion ruled the world. And she kept taking out of the closet constantly and wear it a second, a third time and still counting. And you know what? Fashion magazines keep applauding. Repetition feels good when it has a touch of animal print.

So tonight, boys and girls, be fierce, be wild, be exotic, be proud to get wrapped around in that jungle feeling! Go total look, wear the pants, wear the blouse, wear the dress, get a scarf or the shoes, dance like a zebra, run like a leopard!And don’t forget that what looks best on animal print is that awful lot of…sensuality!













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