White It Out!

Yes, it’s oh-so-true, we’re getting ready for an oh-so-white Japanese Funeral but there’s some Billy Joel stuck on our mind since early this week. Well, he’s singing about the white wedding but we’re so stuck on white this summer we just can’t help it.

White couture it’s been all over the catwalk, invading trends, magazines, stores, beaches and street styles, from A to Z, from girls to boys, men to women, classic to urban. We wouldn’t say for a fact that they drew inspiration from the old Japanese cultures and habits used to have this ancient ceremony in white as opposed to the mournful black outfits of the Europeans but we decided to bring fashion and Asian legacy together under this new alluring concept of “Japanese Funeral – Hosted by Ovidiu Buta”.

As the night approaches and we do expect of you to make a glorious entrance, bearing flowers or some traditional piece of kimono, you ought to know that there’s a wide range of fashion inspiration you could play upon. I mean, c’mon, there’s the structured minimal look coming from Celine, Rick Owens, Comme des Garcons or Helmut Lang, there’s the cool slouchy look of Issey, there’s Pedro Lourenco’s c-through sexiness, Sharon Wauchob’s deconstructive white femininity or…our all time favorite, Viktor&Rolf’s masterpiece of impressive layers with a slightly high tech touch.

You’ve got plenty to choose from, let your inspiration flow and remember tonight it’s all about the ultimate white! Wear it, don’t waste it, play it, don’t hide it, get it total, wrap it around or get it in layers! After all, there’s no black without white  and there’s no white unless you make it so!











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