Amy Winehouse was a Rockabilly. Let’s Rockabilly!

…with her big black hair and her black eyeliner and many-many tattoos and girly dresses and jazzy voice and live-forever-last-forever songs. Amy Winehouse made rockabilly fun and fierce again. Amy Winehouse was a fashion icon . Amy Winehouse walked on air and paced the style. She was a natural rockabilly. This Thursday, our tribute goes to a legend who lived it all on stage, from vice to love and from cocaine to deep suffering. She showed controversy, scandal, pain, talent and incredible genius.

This Thursday, make it all be as Winehouse as possible – bring out the flower dress, the polka dots and the animal print and team them up in hypnotic ways. Use leather and studs, say your boots “hello” and show us how tattooed you are. Let the hair go up and the eyes go witchy.  Be a natural. Wild can sometimes be fun!

Keep the best, praise the best of Amy Winehouse!


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