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A Tout a L’Heure!

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Another season over, another one about to begin. We went from the hood to Harajuku, wearing our boldest T-s and sexiest lace, feeling proud Prima Ballerinas or heavy Sinners, mourning in Funeral Chic style or fashionably updating our favorite toys.  Let’s see, remember and prepare! Here come the “A Tout a l’Heure” best farewell looks…















…and the best highlights of Gaia’s winter season in a show curated by Maurice Munteanu

Sex, Love and Rock’n'Roll

ODE to the BODY

 Details Matter

Funeral Chic 

 Struggle for Pleasure

Desteapta-te, romane! 

Oh, sister! I’m a Sinner 



Wedding in Vegas 

Yeti Chic 

Ride Hard, Look Fab! 

Boys in the Hood 

The Secretary 

Sex, Love and Rock’n'Roll 

Prima Ballerina 

Push my Button 

Lace it Up! 

(Private) Boudoir 

Funeral Chic 

God Save the Queen! 


Pop Art Studio 


How Bold is Your T? 

Toy Story or A Story About Toys 

High On The Heels

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Nu e prima data cand vorbim sau ascultam The Whitest Boy Alive, asa ca nu e cazul sa ne mai pierdem in introduceri de curtoazie. Band-ul germano-norvegian revine in urechile noastre cu “High On The Heels”, acel gen de piesa pe care te trezesti fredonand-o dupa ce ai ascultat-o prima data. “I keep an open mind but only till the bottle stops to spin…”