DESTEAPTA-TE ROMANE! Another great season came to its end! Can you believe it?All the PRIMA BALLERINAs and the BOYS IN THE HOOD went from a fab WEDDING IN VEGAS all the way to a FUNERAL CHIC cause in the end it’s all about SEX,LOVE &ROCK’N'ROLL! Let me tell you A STORY ABOUT TOYS cause SISTER! I’M A SINNER!!! and you’ll show me HOW BOLD IS YOUR T in our PRIVATE BOUDOIR! Because DETAILS MATTER, just PUSH MY BUTTON to call THE SECRETARY to book a trip from HARAJUKU to the north pole to see those YETI CHIC! What will you wear for the POP ART STUDIO? You’re gonna LACE IT UP, GOLD MANIA or go for BOHO? Just make it an ODE TO THE BODY!!!
Trust your instincts – and make it Belvedere.

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