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Don’t mind the ghosts!

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Poate ca pentru cei ale caror povesti din copilarie legate de fantome & co, alegerea aceasta nu este tocmai una inspirata, insa pentru ca avem incredere in noul grad de maturitate la care ati ajuns in prezent, vom merge mai departe. “Homeless Ghost” face parte de pe albumul “Herself” lansat de Console in luna noimebrie a anului trecut. Suna curat si linistit, aproape cald si deloc amenintator. Bine pentru mood-ul de vineri. Sambata, intoarcem foaia: there’s a bunny to handle!


Friday, April 22nd, 2011
Has anybody seen my bunny? It’s not that small, it’s actually kind of tall! And definitely very funny! Oh,my bunny!
It told me he has some stuff to do regarding Easter, but i have no clue! Maybe it’s about a gift. Or two! And later, in the night (he told me), we’re going to this great party! Where i can also be a bunny! Don’t you like the idea honey? You know what bunnies like to do the best?! So, don’t care about the rest!:)