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French do it Better

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Ai putea crede orice despre sound-ul acesta, despre piesa aceasta, despre versurile acestea, mai putin ca ii apartin unui francez. Ca pe el il cheama Onra si ca, dupa albumul pitoresc intitulat “Chinoiseries”, de acum patru ani, ar fi putut urma mixul de hip-hop a la anii ’90 si de electro in stil ’80, cu atat mai putin. Dar, iata ca se intampla si se aude. Alaturi de Olivier Daysoul (aproape predestinat!), “Long Distance” suna intr-un fel atat de nefrantuzit, dar atat de seducator! Just like Onra:)


Friday, April 15th, 2011
Gaia decided it’s time to take things to another level! We’re sick of seeing all kinds of social wrongs! There just too many, so we decided to take them one by one, every month, starting with this Saturday! For the first time, protest with us against stupid social cages that keep people from being real! How many of you don’t feel caged and dragged down by pointed fingers? Time for the middle finger to be pointed at them! Protest in the name of creativity! Protest for those who are weaker! Protest for freedom!