Working the Vegas Style

Viva Las Vegas! And the one night marriage and the Marilyns and the Elvises and the veils, the whites and the rings! Didn’t you just love the Wedding in Gaia’s Vegas? No strings attached, no feelings hurt, no commitment to last. That’s the fun with Vegas! What about those outfits you had on? Let’s gave them a look and pick the best!

Be a Bride or be a Groom

 Superman Attire

 Suits go soft

 Top to Bottom White

 The Cool Brides

 Dress du Jour

 …something borrowed, something (electric) blue

 Lace, camels, stockings

 Grooms in White

 Royal Red

Black Minimal Bride

 Work a jacket

 Grey Romance

Powder Colors

Sequins who Like Fringes who Like Leather who Like Lace


 Playing with Details

 Vegas meets Men in Suits

 Oversize  the Nude

T-Shirts in Love

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