The Ultimate Funeral

Try as we might, we’d never find the perfect words to describe this Chicest Funeral of the year. “Perfect” might just be one way to put it but since we wouldn’t want to kill it with words, will let the images speak for themselves. You’ll have a lot to see: the black, the drama, the style, the fashion, the crowd, the set-up, the very best of Funeral Chic – hosted by Ovidiu Buta!

A Flawless Host

 Blazering Black

 Hat Up

 C-Through the Widow

 Full Feather Boa


Egyptian Stories

 With a Silver Finish

 Les Excentriques

 The Top Details

 Blame it on the Shirt

One Jumpsuit Away

 Lines, Cut, Clear

 From F(urs) to Z(ips)

 Cuffs Have It

 Stockings High 

 Velvet, Lace and Sequins

 Veils Down, Collar Up

 Cross(ing) Candles

 The Good Textures

 Le Noir, Le Rouge, Les Bijoux

 Dress comes Clean

 Mourning in Shades

 And in Dorky Ones

 …Paint it in Black

 Bow Tie Contrast

 Play the Blouse

 Hair Does it Too

 A time for Mourning, a hand for Smoking

 109 – Black Sport Girls

Man who Suit(s)

 Glam Goth


 The Black 80′s

 Haut de Forme

 Trench Couture

 Tutu Layers

…and the glorious set-up






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