Yeti’s Chic Couture

What did it take to be Yeti Chic? Some icy rocks, some North Pole frills and the main fashion ingredient: fur fur fur! Covered up, rolled up, here and there, on your head, around your neck, surrounding your arms and dressing up your legs, fur was warm, cosy and stylish all over us. But first of all, there were the Romanian designers and their signature specially designed looks for this most Yeti Chic party you’ve ever attented. Let’s take a look back at them and at your best inspired outfits!

Carmen Secareanu

Stephan Pelger

Corina Vladescu

Laura Lazar

Lena Criveanu


….and those of you who made Lagerfeld and Yeti proud!

Coat of the Night

There’s no Length like Full Length

Biker Mood Yeti

Here Come the Russians!

Snow Rhapsody

Go for a Full Collar

Top to Bottom

Upside Down Vest

Collar’s Long, Collar’s Short

The White and the Black

Foxy Shades

Girls fall for Grey

The Leopard, the Lace and the Astrakhan

Rakoon comes on Shoulder

Top it up with a Statement Hat

Total Fur

The Fur, the Holes and the Stripes

Power T-Shirt. Matching Collar

Wear it with some Skin


We Love Orange!

Glorious White

Scandinavian Cool

Volumes On

Fur’s for All

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