Pop Art-ful Mania

And off we went with Warholian prints, electric color splashes, Marilyns and Cokes, Campbells and a whole lotta Pop Art all over our faces and dance moves! Boy, did we enjoy that vibrant crowd and its crazy looks!  Time to trace it all back as follows…

Washed out Denim, Signature Print

Marilyn’s Attire

Pop Art Tutu

Color Patches

With a side of Dark and a lot of  Baby Pink

Coke Art Fantasy

The Warhol T-Shirt


Warholly Total Black

Designer-Made Numbers

Arty Stockings

Some different kind of Pop Art face

One Exquisite Clutch

Long Live the Campbell Soup!

Electric Ways

Campbell revised

Write It Up, Wear It Off


A Dress for a Entire Movement

Dress is never Less

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