Styled Up Harajuku

Neon wigs, playful stockings, rainbow colors, ruffle skirts and the craziest make-up style ever! Lolitas and Mangas, punk boys and dollish school girls were all together on Gaia’s night of Harajuku. And now, from the happy side of perfect looks, we introduce to you our very…creme de la creme of Harajuku(s)!

Housemaid going Manga

Doll-on-Doll & Shades of Pink


The Goth of Lolita

The Native, the Plaid, the Neon

The Corset Bag

Fishnet and Polka Dots

Sky Blue Wig

Flash the Animal Print

When Ruffles Meet Hood

Statement Dress, Statement Shoes

School Girls Happy

Rainbow Colors

Stripes and Bunnies

Girl with the Topper

Odissey in Metal Gold and Vibrant Colors

Punked Up

Black Look Harajuku

Details never die, glasses never lie

Dolls in Dots and Pastels

Hairdo to Remember

Cartoon Fever

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