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Friday, January 28th, 2011

Oh, the Radioheads! Sau, daca iti place sa spui despre tine ca esti ascultator de “muzica buna”, un must must must! “Creep”, “Stop Whispering” sau “Anyone Can Play Guitar” vorbesc perfect despre britanicii care ne invatau despre rock alternativ intr-o perioada in care multi dintre noi inca nu ne nascuseram. Mai low-key in ultima vreme, cel mai recent album pe care acesta l-au lansat se numeste “In Rainbows”, iar de pe el ne-am gandit sa ascultam “Reckoner”, cel de-al treilea si ultim single extras in septembrie 2008. Ce mai urmeaza? Vom auzi. Acum, sa ascultam!


Friday, January 28th, 2011


It all started a year ago on the last Saturday of the month! The rest…is history! A history that you and us wrote! A year full of total madness, freedom, in a world without  rules! It’s time again to leave at the door all the problems, manners and labels and come in as you are! The 1 year anniversary will be huge! Are you ready for the most extreme ride ever? It’s gonna be hardcore, it’s gonna be MAD! Be there or be square!